Database Administration

Partner with us to experience the difference our expert database administration services can make in maximizing the efficiency and reliability of your database infrastructure. With our comprehensive support and personalized approach, you can trust that your critical data assets are in capable hands, allowing you to unlock new opportunities and achieve your organizational objectives with confidence.



At EverExtended, we pride ourselves on providing enterprise-level support and tailored solutions for the Microsoft data platform. Our team of certified SQL Developers and DBAs works tirelessly to deliver efficiency-enhancing SQL Server solutions for organizations globally.

With a focus on optimizing performance and driving business success, we offer a comprehensive range of services, including fine-tuning database configurations, implementing robust security measures and troubleshooting complex issues.

SQL Server Remote Support

Preventive database monitoring

Fault Management & monitoring

Back-up process strategy

Software upgrades, fixes, patches

Production DB availability monitoring

Development team support

DB server hardware monitoring

Database performance monitoring

DR management & common failures

Custom app/scripts monitoring.

Fixing critical DB problems

Quick Response time for critical alerts

Performance tuning & optimization

SQL Server Consulting

Performance Tuning & Analysis

SQL Server Consulting

SQL Server Migration

Code review and Improvement

Setup disaster recovery solutions

SQL Server Optimization

SQL Server Audit

Data Migration

SQL Server Upgrade

Configure and troubleshoot replication

SQL Server Performance Improvement

Performance Tuning & Analysis

Hardware Optimization

Optimizing the SQL Server configuration

Optimizing the application SQL code

SSIS - Script and Flow Optimization

Performance Tuning

SQL Server Upgrade

Optimizing the DB design

Query optimization


Database Management Solutions

Large partitioning, Data Migration, Common errors - AutoHeal, Deadlock monitoring and fixing, performance monitoring, auditing and many more.

We reduce issue resolution time and DBA activity to perform better.

We have a practice of preparing standard documents/SOPs to assist customers in critical cloud migration assessments.

24/7 DBA support

Fault Management and monitoring

Data migration to the cloud

Cloud Analytics

Fixing critical DB problems


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